Todays challenges

Renewal and maintenance requirements are being created in road and traffic route construction because traffic and weather conditions strain load-bearing capabilities and every layer network weathers naturally over time.

This results in life-cycle costs that occur regularly in just a few years. The length of the cycles depends on how the construction work was originally carried out and how much the strain level changes in the meantime. Adinotec is creating road construction technology that can shift the timing of cycle-related conservation measures further into the future, without sacrificing quality and without resorting to negligent surface cosmetics.

Our technology aims at improving and reinforcing the heart of every road: the base courses. The asphalt surface is the outer appearance of a road, but what really matters is deeper. The actual road condition depends on the base layer condition, for which the remaining usefulness is defined by:

  • unconfined compressive strength
  • stiffness as defined by the modulus of elasticity
  • flexural strength
  • freeze durability

These four parameters determine the lifespan of roadways.

How Perenium® works

  1. better penetration of capillary structures because of enhanced viscosity of the binder
  2. significant mitigation of water infiltration risks in base courses, thus increasing frost resistance
  3. optimal compressive strength through environmental friendly synthetic latex components
  4. increased flexural strength, durability and fatigue resistance
  5. improvement of material properties of a variety of soil categories with different grain sizes

How it is made


  • Improves the material properties of stabilisation with hydraulic binders
  • Generates significant cost savings in new road construction and particularly in refurbishment
  • Achieves top quality, increased load bearing capacity and durability with reduced base course thickness
  • Significant improvement of frost resistance
  • Smart workflow, up to 2x faster than conventional road construction
  • Most of the old base course material can be reused – removal and disposal is no longer required
  • Less transports radically reduces the environmental impact
  • Less disruption of road traffic as a result of fewer truck movements at the construction site
  • Sourcing of new base course material largely redundant
  • Suitable for the improvement of almost all types of soil
  • In-situ processing generates cost savings
  • Less hydraulic binder material required
  • Construction work can continue even at low outside temperatures
  • Lower deformability of the base course allows a decrease in asphalt layer thickness


Adinotec’s product family Perenium is based on active substances that have a decisive impact on the life cycle and thus the need to renew roads of all kinds:

Perenium FL

$ 99

Per MonthPerenium FL is a latex based Polymer in liquid form. Combined with hydraulic binders it is used in base course stabilisation, but also in soil improvement measures.

Perenium DX

$ 99

Per MonthPerenium DX is a re-emulsifiable latex-based Polymer-powder. Precisely dosed with liquid it supplements hydraulic binders in stabilising difficult soils used in base courses.


For each of these products, we have developed an appropriate in-situ application methodology. Adinotec offers a scientifically and technically coordinated complete package consisting of tailor-made products and services. We give construction companies a considerable performance advantage:

  • fast work progress
  • limited traffic disruptions
  • drastically reduced environmental footprint

As a result, significant savings can be achieved and thus the overall costs are reduced.