Reference Project

Less Frost Damage on Wels/Austria Roads
[Press release of the city of Wels 18.04.2018]

A pilot project by the city of Wels (Austria) with the construction technology group Adinotec AG has been successfully completed: the use of the Perenium DX construction additive has proved its worth on a 100-meter-long “test track” on Niederthanstrasse in the north of the city.

Benefits have been shown already during the application last September: Thanks to the Perenium DX insertion the piece of road was completed in a few hours. The use of machinery and construction site traffic – and thus the burden on the environment and residents – were significantly reduced.

Another advantage of Perenium DX is the (performed under laboratory conditions) “absolute frost resistance”: in the test project, all expected laboratory values ​​were exceeded. Freeze damage occurs as a result of water inclusions, after temperatures around the freezing point, burst the asphalt surface. This leads to potholes and severe deformations.

In Wels, this danger is more in the northern, rather rural part with its non-frost-resistant clay substrate and only very few street installations (manhole cover, water and gas valves …). Especially there, this construction method is well suited in the future. In the case of frost-proof ground (gravel areas), however, there should be no frost damage when erecting according to the latest state of the art even without additives.

Transport Councillor Klaus Hoflehner: “The pilot project has shown that this innovative technology has proven itself. Therefore, we will continue to use it in future in suitable areas. I thank the company Adinotec AG for their cooperation.”

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Salzmann (Managing Director Adinotec AG): “We are very pleased about the trusting cooperation with the city of Wels. We now want to use the common knowledge gained from the test project efficiently in follow-up projects and further bring our ideal of ‘green construction’ closer.”

Test results