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Established in 2004 as a common stock company, Adinotec AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2006, Standard Entry Level (ticker symbol N1N).

All corporate information of relevance to investors are set out below and can be downloaded in their most up-to-date version as soon as they become available.

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Ordentliche Hauptversammlung soll über Fortsetzung der Gesellschaft, Kapitalerhöhungen und Verlagerung des operativen Geschäfts der Adinotec AG auf eine Tochtergesellschaft beschließen


Aufsichtsrat und Vorstand der Adinotec AG haben in ihrer heutigen Sitzung ihre Beschlussvorschläge für die ordentliche ...

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Since 2015-11-01

Please find here all previous published communication such as ad-hoc news, corporate news, press releases and directors dealings ...

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Listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Corporate Information

Category Information
Branch Industry
International Securities
Identification Number (ISIN)
German Securities
Identification Number (WKN)
Ticker Symbol N1N
Initial Public Offering (IPO) 2006-01-04
Number and Type of Shares 1,708,308 bearer shares
with voting rights
Share Capital EUR 1,708,308
Stock Exchange Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB)
Market Segment Open Market
Transparency Level Basic Board

As of 2016-03-01

Shareholder Structure

Adinotec AG Shareholder Structure

Adinotec has with LEHNER INDUSTRIES as anchor shareholder a stable shareholder structure over the long-term.


The Latest Publication

Annual Report 31 December 2016


Report of the business year 2016 ...

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Since 2015-11-01

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Financial Calendar

Date Event
May 2017 Publication Annual Report 2016
19 June 2017 Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting
August 2017 Annual Shareholder Meeting
30 August 2017 Publication Semi-Annual Report 2017

Annual Shareholder Assembly



Invitation to the annual shareholder assembly 2017 ...

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Voting Results*


Voting results of the annual shareholder assembly 2016 ...

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CEO Speech*


CEO speech at the annual shareholder assembly 2016 ...

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Invitation to the annual shareholder assembly 2016 ...

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