Adinotec AG provides technology to the road construction industry to build quality roads efficiently and economically as well as faster - and with a sharply reduced carbon footprint.

The purpose of the technology is to improve soil quality and also to strengthen base courses in both new constructions and also for complete road reconstruction projects.

Adinotec develops applied science packages for each individual build project consisting of a choice of innovative products and a customised application process. One goes with the other and both together deliver optimised results: roadways which withstand projected traffic loads all throughout their design life.

Perenium is the flagship brand of Adinotec's construction products. Based on environmentally neutral polymer-formulations, Perenium products modify hydraulic binder materials to make them work better.

Hydraulic binder materials have been used methodically in road construction since the 1960ies. Being mainly composed of cement and lime products, they were much appreciated for niche projects to improve difficult soils and give the strength necessary for building durable conventionally designed roadways. Their drawback is, one, relative fragility under increasing loads. They have limited elasticity and once a critical load factor is surpassed, they simply break up. Two, they are vulnerable to water ingress, freezing water, chemicals and the aging forces of nature. Decay induced by these factors lower their threshold of marginal elasticity by up to 60% over a short few years. As a consequence, using hydraulic binders in any situation equals costly and predictable maintenance at short intervals.

Using Adinotec's polymer-based binder technology breaks the fast running cycle of cement-induced base course decay.

Adinotec's innovative technology brings fast, economical and ecological building with hydraulic binders into the mainstream road construction.