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Adinotec’s Perenium®

Adinotec develops road construction technology to improve the effectiveness of hydraulic binders used for base course stabilisation (polymer-modified cement stabilisation).

The competitive advantages are generated by Adinotec’s active agent Perenium®, a polymer emulsion based on environmentally-friendly synthetic latex.

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Why Perenium
  • Significant cost savings in road construction and refurbishments
  • Fast workflow, up to 2x quicker
  • Significant improvement of frost resistance
  • Reduced base course thickness
  • Improves material properties of binders
Construction Advantages
  • Most of the old base course material can be reused
  • Increased load bearing capacity and durability
  • Construction work at low outside temperatures
  • Less disruption of road traffic during construction
  • Less hydraulic binder material required

Discover Perenium®

next generation road construction technology


Unconfined Compressive Strength



Increased load bearing capacity and durability



Up to 2 times quicker workflow



Significant improvement of frost resistance



Minimal disruption of road traffic

Increased Load Bearing

Lower deformability enables a decrease in asphalt layer thickness.

Frost Resistance

Construction work can continue at low outside temperatures.

Fast Workflow

Up to 2x quicker compared to conventional road construction.

Cost Savings

Generates cost savings in road construction and refurbishments.

“The reference project showed that innovative technology prevails. Therefore we will continue to use Perenium in suitable areas. My thanks goes to Adinotec for exceptional service.”

Klaus HoflehnerCouncillor for Transportation - Wels

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